Shipping policy

We are committed to delivering the goods you ordered on the same day. For products for which the term takes time, the delivery time of the cargo is 1-3 working days, as indicated in the details of the product. You will receive information if delivery is delayed.

To deliver the product without interruption, please provide the address of your location during the day as a delivery address.

Your requests will be processed according to the shipping type you defined at the end of the order. Products from our centralized company will be delivered for the country with the freight company SURAT, and for foreign countries - with the freight company UPS. Your orders are delivered to the Freight Company at the end of 3 (three) business days after confirmation.

There is a possibility that in the dispatches of foreign orders a customs price will be charged in the amount of taxes established by the legislation of the country of departure. If you want UPS to follow customs, you will get a price for the service. This price belongs to the buyer.

You can discuss different shipping terms by consulting with our representative.