collection of personal data.'s PersonalData Policyis as follows.

IP numbers:the IP address of users as needed. IP addresses can also be used to identify users in a public (anonymous) way and to collect comprehensive demographic information.

Anonymous data:creation, offering personalized packages/offers, and market research.

Linking to other sites: Cacheeconcept.commay link to other sites within the Website / Mobile Application. has no responsibility for the privacy practices and content of the sites accessed through the link.

Debit/credit card information:a 128-bit encryption algorithm in data transmission. Users' debit/credit card information is only used by the bank or payment institution at the time of purchase and is in no way kept registered in the database. provides an infrastructure through PCI DSS certified organizations where card information can be stored to make it easier for users to make their next purchase easier. As a result of Card

Data saved on mobile devices: Invoiceorder to create ease of use. Even if the User does not sign in to and/or leaves

Where user data can be explained:name, address, phone number, e-mail address and all kinds of information to identify the user. will not disclosure any of the personal data to other third parties except for affiliates, with which cooperates, unless otherwise stated in this privacy policy. In the following cases, may, in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy, and explain the information of the users to third parties. These situations are;
Compliance with the obligations imposed by the law rules issued and in
To .com the contracts that Cacheeconcept
conducted by the competent administrative and judicial authority. is committed

Status of cookies:him or the 3rd parties. These technical communication files are small text files that a website sends to the user's browser for storage in the main memory. The technical communication file stores the user's session information, password, and preferences to keep the session open, making it easier to use by recognizing the user the next time they visit. The technical contact file helps to obtain statistical information about how many people use the Website, for what purpose, how many times a person visits the Website, and how long they stay, and dynamically produce advertising and content from user pages specifically designed for users. The technical contact file is not intended to receive data or other personal information from the main memory or email. Most browsers are initially designed

Data collected in surveys,periodic surveys and

E-newsletter submissions and announcements:developments, agenda and their areas. If necessary or in case of agreement with 3rd party partners, it may send campaign / Offer / Package announcements with promotional and informational content. Users can prevent these emails from reaching them by clicking on the specified link, as described at the bottom of the email. If you want to leave our daily e.mail

General information about the Personal Data Law
No. 6698 Personal Data Protection Law (hereon called KVKK) was adopted on March 24, 2016 and published in the Official Gazette no. 29677 dated April 7, 2016. Part of KVKK came into force on the date of publication and part on October 7, 2016. As a data controller within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, you will record, classi record, classi record, process, store, update the personal data of our valued customers and, where permitted by the rules of legislation and the permissions you will give, 3. We will be able to explain it to the persons and inform you about our mutual rights and obligations within the scope of this legal regulation.

Information as data
KVKK No. 6698 and

Definition of Personal Data under
etc.), communication, information about the methods used during access to products (IP, mobile wire brand-model, browser type, version,

In accordance with
KVKK No. 6698, how your personal data may be processed, Your personal data that you share with our company may be processed by us, in short, by obtaining, recording, storing, modifying, re-editing by non-automated means, whether it is part of any data recording system, in short, by explaining, transferring, inheriting, making it available, classified or preventing its use. Any transactions carried out on the data within the scope of KVKK are considered as "processing of personal data".

Purposes and legal reasons for the processing of your personal data

  • To be able to fulfill the services we provide to our customers in accordance with the terms of contract and technology and to improve our products and services offered;
  • no. 1999, Regulations / guidelines prepared on the basis of these regulations with the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection;
  • Banking, Insurance, Civil
  • In order to inform prosecutors,

It will be processed in accordance with KVKK no. 6698 and related secondary regulations.

courts, TBB, BRSA, CMB, CBRT, MASAK, BTK) in accordance with

Information about the third party or organizations to which your personal data may be transferred
the purposes mentioned above, the person/organizations

services, cooperate, program partner institutions, organizations, banks, finas institutions, providers or firms, persons

The way your personal data is
Your personal data,

  • applications, data including name, last name, TC identification number, passport number, address, telephone, work or private email address, age, gender, profession, food preferences, preferences on pages entered using username and password, IP records of the transactions performed,
  • Our sales and marketing department employees, agents, dealers, forms on paper,
  • distant, oral or written or electronically obtained from persons who share their personal data through business cards, resumes (CVs), bids and other means for purposes such
  • public databases, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
    can be processed and collected.

Your personal data obtained before KVKK came into force
Before 7 April 2016, the effective date of the KVKK,

Your personal data collected with
abroad in Turkey. However, your personal data may be transferred abroad to countries accredited by the Personal Data Board where

in this document. By preventing unlawful processing of personal data in accordance with the article and preventing the access of unauthorized persons; software measures such as hash, encryption, transaction registration, access management and physical security measures to ensure their storage. If it is learned that personal data is obtained by

valid. These limits will be followed if the data is subject to legal periods and must be kept for reporting, informational purposes or stored for longer periods of time in accordance with the legislation to public authorities retaleration. We will take the necessary security measures to ensure that stored, recorded

In accordance with Article
accurate and up-to-date. In this context, in order for our Company to fulfill its obligations arising from

In accordance with KVKK No. 6698,
October 07, 2016 in KVKK No. 6698 and in
(data controller);

  1. To find out if personal
  2. processed, to request information about personal data if it has been processed,
  3. purpose,
  4. transferred at home or abroad, to
  5. or incorrect processing,
  6. the KVKK,
  7. corrected, deleted, destroyed,
  8. systems,
  9. of personal data.

number 0424053515200015 MERSİS, located at Ugur Mumcu Neighborhood N Street 2273 Street No:1 Kat:2 Sultangazi/Istanbul.
Ltd. STI is the data controller within the scope of KVKK.

where this document is located when the legal infrastructure is provided.

Personal Data Owners may direct their questions,
channels: Email:
Phone: +90 212 594 19 20

Our company may respond positively/negatively to the requests sent in writing or digitally, provided that it is justified and responds within 30 days. It is essential that the necessary transactions regarding the requests are free of charge. However, if transactions require a cost, our Company reserves the right to claim a fee. These fees are determined by the Personal Data Protection Board on the tariff determined in accordance with Article 13 of the Personal Data Protection Act.