Cachée Concept is a brand that values one of the most essentials in the history of fashion: leather. With years of expertise in leather accessory, the Cachée Concept has decided to rebrand itself with unique & timeless designs.

Cachée concept's journey with leather began years ago, in 1986, under the name "Gümüş Saraciye," a leather accessory brand that had partnered with many world-class fashion brands. In 2017, the brand decided to go in a new path under the name of Cachée Concept to create unique designs with years of expertise in leather accessory making.

The story begins with a realization of the lack of leather accessories in popular ready-made clothing brands. Since Cachée Concept comes from a tradition that values leather, one of the oldest materials in fashion, the brand members have decided to create awareness on the momentum of leather with our timeless designs.

Leather is in our DNA

All of the accessories in our collection are hand-made; that's what makes Cachée Concept stand out from other brands. That may sound like a cliché, but in our case, we hand craft leather as a material from scratch as well—no machinery used.

Of course, what gives us the courage to use brave colors and leathers is our 33 years of expertise.